Meeting Baroque, in Hackney

Yesterday I finally got to meet another of my blogging heroes, and did so in a restaurant on her home turf in Hackney, east London. US born and raised, but London resident for the last 20 years, Katy Evans-Bush blogs under the name Baroque in Hackney.

Katy is an accomplished poet, and active in the London literary scene. She describes herself on her blog as “a poet, critic, copywriter, editor, conversationalist, style consultant, personal shopper, siren, and housemaid to the gods – at least they think they’re gods”.

We spoke of many things under the Sun, not only blogging, and I finally got my copy of the US version of Christopher Hitchens’ God is not Great. This is the one with the unexpurgated subtitle “How religion poisons everything”. Katy procured the book for me during her recent visit to the folks in Connecticut, and for weeks we have failed to meet owing to work and other commitments.

Better late than never. Cheers Katy!