e-Petitions against threats to UK scientific research

There are to my knowledge two e-petitions on the prime minister’s website protesting the reported cuts in funding for physics and astronomy research in the UK. See here for my take on how the decision will impact on my former colleagues in solar-terrestrial physics.

The first petition, which is coordinated by the UK’s astronomy community, goes on about “…relegating the UK to second tier…”, and the need for Britain to be a “world leader” in science.

The second petition, which I have signed, is more direct, and I reproduce its text in full:

“The creation of the STFC from two previous funding bodies, PPARC and CCLRC, was intended to streamline the disbursement of government funds to areas of research in advanced physics. Assurances were given that budgets would be maintained. Whether by error or intent, the result in December 2007 is a dramatic shortfall in funds of about £80 million, seriously undermining scientific research in the UK. You promised this would not happen, and we look to you to correct the situation.”

If you care about the state of scientific research in the UK, I urge you to sign the second petition.

Hat tip: Russ Swan @ Laboratorytalk