Plough Monday 2008 in Greenwich

Fowler’s Molly last night toured three Greenwich pubs, and that now wraps up the local folk dancing until Easter. It was a clear and chilly night, but, warmed by the alcohol in some excellent beer – including the very tasty Landlord ale – dancers and spectators enjoyed themselves thoroughly, as can be seen in the following pictures.

The photos were taken without flash and at a very high ISO setting, hence the very long exposures and graininess. Still, a few shots came out well, even if the result is more blur than form.

Click on the pictures below to open windows with photos at a higher resolution than the previews, and hover your cursor over the images for captions.

Outside The Tolly (Richard I) on Royal Hill Anti-social behaviour in the streets of Greenwich
And that's yer lot for the season! Post-dance session in the Tolly