Twelfth Night 2008 on Bankside

Holly Man at Bankside, London
Source: the Lions part

It’s not over til it’s over, they say. And in the case of Christmas it’s not over until Twelfth Night (Sunday 6 January).

For those in London, what better way to round up* the Midwinter celebrations than the Twelfth Night events organised and performed by the players of the Lions part theatre, storytelling and music group based at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, together with the local community?

See here for a wonderful photo gallery of previous years’ Twelfth Night celebrations.

The programme will include:

  • The Holly Man arriving from the Thames – the Green Man in Winter guise
  • The Bankside Wassails – community singing to welcome in the new year
  • A Mummers’ play – a freestyle folk morality play with mediaeval origins
  • King Bean and Queen Pea – see the Lions Part website for details

There will also be some Molly Dancing courtesy of Lewisham-based Fowler Molly, and I’ll be there for the afternoon with my camera to record the event for this blog.

The festivities commence at 12:45 on Bankside outside Shakespeare’s Globe, and will end with music, dance, storytelling, mince pies and mulled wine at the George Inn, Southwark.

Do come along if you’re in the area. I’m not familiar with the Lions part, but I know some of the people involved in the wider event, and it looks to be great fun. These are old folk traditions being celebrated, and it is organised as an inclusive, community event.

* I say “round up”, but that is reserved for Plough Monday, which is the Monday immediately following Twelfth Night. Plough Monday is traditionally the start of the agricultural year. Fowler Molly will be dancing on Plough Monday, as they always do. I don’t yet have details, but will publish them here when I know what’s happening.