Renowned raspberry breeder retires

Every day I receive in my email inbox a number of lists of press releases from various science media agencies. I now rely on such information digests when it comes to finding leads for news reports, but trawling through the long emails can be tedious.

Occasionally, however, one spots an absolute gem of of a press release. Yesterday, among the usual fare of amazing scientific breakthroughs and corporate puff (yawn), I spotted the following:

“Raspberry Breeder Vicky Knight Retires From East Malling Research”

This delightful story concerns a horticulturalist who in the 35 years she has spent working at the East Malling Research station near Maidstone in Kent has released 11 raspberry varieties and seven strains of currants and gooseberries.

“So what?”, you may be thinking. Well, Ms Knight has contributed more to humanity than I am ever likely to, and for that she deserves my respect. But what attracts me to the retirement notice is the splendid contrast with the other press releases.

So here’s to Vicky Knight. May she have a long and happy retirement pursuing her interests in gardening, walking, Scottish dancing and travelling!