Flying the flag and jingling the bells

Today is St George’s Day, when England celebrates the life of its favourite Palestinian, and the national flag takes precedence over that vile rag the Union Jack. It is also the birthday of the national bard William Shakespeare.

Looking out of the window I can see little reason to be cheerful. The south east of England is currently blanketed with the wettest of rain, and dark, heavy skies that look to persist throughout the day. But if I can clear my to-do list by late afternoon, then I shall fortify my upper lip and venture out to drink some beer, and watch and photograph the local Morris dancers do their stuff outside a rather nice pub located in a largely nondescript Sarf London suburb. I refer to the Jolly Farmers and Lewisham.

The festivities begin at 18:00, and a few pictures will be posted here in due course.