Dancing bush sighted in London SE1

Sunshine and showers there were aplenty on Mayday in London this year. Occasionally at the same time, which is a considerable meteorological feat, even for southern England. Raindrops and copious amounts of beer combined for a pleasant afternoon out with the procession of Fowlers Troop and the Deptford Jack in the Green along the south bank of the River Thames and through the backstreets of Southwark.

As promised here are a few photos from the event. Click on the previews to open new windows with images at a slightly higher resolution.

Tomorrow I may pop down to Rochester in Kent for the world-famous Sweeps festival. According to the weather forecast it should be sunny and warm, in which case the town will be taken over by massed Morris dancers. Heaven for some, and an absolute hell for anyone who cannot stand melodeons, whether they be on open public display or cleverly disguised with black bin liners.