Rabbit Ripper of the Ruhr

Here is today’s top news story:

Ruhr rabbit (with head still attached)

I’ve just been listening to The World at One lunchtime news programme on BBC Radio 4, which included a bizarre discussion about the parliamentary performance of various politicians. Labour’s admittedly dull deputy leader Harriet Harman was criticised for her flat jokes, and the stage skills of MPs were compared and contrasted as if we were talking about the relative merits of television stand-up comedians or dramatic actors.

For goodness sake, darlings, they are politicians, not drama queens. I know we’re nearing the silly season, but there is real news out there worth reporting. Rabbits of the Ruhr are being stalked by a serial killer, England took bronze in the World Wife-Carrying Championships*, Iran is sabre-rattling with a new missile test and threats to torch Tel Aviv, and Gordon Brown is getting well ’ard with Zimbabwe. The sophistication and efficacy of British politicians’ wit, and the extent of their thespian and rhetorical skills, are neither here nor there.

*Hat tip: Norm