Too much TV turns students into tubs o’ lard

I do so love reading about research exercises that state the bleedin’ obvious. Today it’s a press release from the University of Alberta that reports on an epidemiological study carried out by Kim Raine and others in the university’s Centre for Health Promotion Studies.

Raine and her colleagues note that television commercials are a common method of advertising food products, and that students today are by nature lazy feckers who do things to their bodies that are probably unwise in the long term. The conclusion is that young people who watch a lot of telly pile on the kilos, to the extent of becoming obese at an age when they should instead be running up and down mountains and shagging like rabbits.

Says study co-author John Spence:

“The link between how much a person snacks while watching TV was directly related to viewing food advertisements, specifically when choosing to eat an energy-dense snack. The exposure to the advertising seems to stimulate a desire to eat that particular food product. Also, sitting watching TV provides a prime opportunity to snack.”

Well, I must say that this confirms my worst fears about the advertising industry.

When I was a student, I and my peers tended on the whole to be gaunt creatures, and obesity was unheard of. Drug use – alcohol included – was high, and often at the expense of food intake. Booze has a high calorific content, but not high enough to cause weight problems as long as carbohydrate intake is suppressed. And smoking lots of dope can help by making regular cooking seem such a bore. Skipping meals was common when funds didn’t stretch to takeaways.

So the answer to your weight problems is, boys and girls, MORE DRUGS! You know it makes sense. Just take it easy on the liver, and lay off the speed.