Bonkers Boris to annex Kent

Isle of Sheppey - site of Boris's mega-airport?

Continuing with the trend of siting airports far from the places after which they are named, it seems that London über-mayor Boris Johnson wants to look at replacing Heathrow with a “24 hour airport” on an artificial island off the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. This region Johnson mistakenly describes as the “Thames Estuary”. I think the mayor needs to brush up on his geography.

Aside from the questionable wisdom of building a mega-airport near some of southern England’s finest bird sanctuaries and most sensitive wetland ecosystems, a huge problem for Johnson is surely territorial. That is, he is Mayor of London, while Sheppey is in the county of Kent, and some 90 kilometres by road or rail from central London.

How far does the mayor’s writ run?