Englishman likes to talk about the weather

If you’re at a loose end, and are of a particularly masochistic temperament, you might like to take a peak at an interview with English aristocrat and king-in-waiting Mr Charles Windsor (née Saxe-Coburg-und-Gotha), in which the “Prince of Wales” discusses his longstanding interest in the weather. Mr Windsor is apparently most concerned by global warming. It really is appalling, he says.

Fascinating though the interview with Mr Windsor is, the Order of the Brown Nose must surely go to Paul Hardaker, chief executive of the Royal Meteorological Society, in whose magazine the interview is published…

“We were delighted when His Royal Highness was able to find the time to give us an interview. We very much value The Prince’s Patronage of the Society and continue to be impressed by his leadership in support of the environment, and the work he does to highlight the issues around climate change. The interview gives a very interesting insight into how His Royal Highness became interested in the environment and The Prince’s view of the challenges we face from our changing climate.”

As you can see from his blog, Professor Hardaker also likes to talk about the weather.