Hunting the hanky on Boxing Day 2008

Here are some photos from the Boxing Day 2008 meet of the Blackheath Morris Men and Fowlers Molly. It was a very cold day to be hanging around outside the local pubs, and with my trembling hands the camera work suffered. Click on the pics for slightly higher resolution versions.

“I wish I hadn’t forgotten me thermal undies!”

“Hands out of pockets!” “You must be joking!”

Margaret with gin carrier

“All right, guvnor?”

Frightening the children

“Come here, big boy!”

The next folk arts event I shall attend will be the Twelfth Night celebrations at Bankside. On the afternoon of 4 January, Fowlers Molly will dance at the George Inn in Southwark following the the arrival of the Holly Man from the Thames, and the Lions Part Mummers play by the jetty outside Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. See here for a pictorial record of last year’s do.