Tehran’s media hypocrisy

This evening there will be a demonstration outside the Iranian Embassy in London. Organised by the British wing of the Zionist youth movement Betar – Tagar, the rally is being held to highlight that the conflict in Gaza is promoted by the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hamas’ principal military and political sponsor. Further details can be found here.

While Iran’s involvement in Gaza is little discussed in the media, on the positive side there are journalistic initiatives to expose the people of Iran to news and views that are not filtered by the regime in Tehran. As reported in the Times, the BBC World Service will next week launch a satellite TV channel run by Iranians based in London.

I understand that the Iranian government is objecting to the new channel, with a London embassy spokesman declaring “We believe this service to be illegal.”. This is a hypocritical stance, given that Britain has been very hospitable toward Iran’s propaganda broadcaster Press TV, employer of Stockholm Syndrome sufferer Sister Yvonne Ridley, and regular haunt of feline impersonating parliamentarian George Galloway.