Julie Myerson eats child for fame and fortune

Novelist, Newsnight Review regular and general purpose talking head/chatteratus Julie Myerson is a disgrace for publishing a detailed account of teenage son Jake’s use of cannabis. All in order to advance her literary career. What kind of parent would do that to their child? A moral pygmy of one, and it’s no wonder the lad has effectively disowned his mother.

Myerson yesterday attempted to defend herself in an interview conducted by Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman. As I write, the disastrous performance by Myerson has not been posted on the Newsnight website as a standalone clip, but throughout today you can view the entire episode online. Maybe the interview will appear on YouTube, but don’t count on me organising this.

In his Evening Standard column last week, novelist Will Self wrote that Myerson appears to have forgotten that fiction is very often a form of psychic autobiography:

“…Myerson has carved herself a literary career using the actualité of her own life for copy. This writerly cannibalism has now reached a grim apotheosis, with the author herself pre-puffing her latest book, The Lost Child, with revelations of how she and her husband exiled their eldest child from the family home because of his addiction to marijuana.”

The Myerson interview on Newsnight comes with a health warning and disclaimer: watch it at your own risk, and do not come complaining to me if you react by hurling the computer out of the window, or becoming a “skunk addict” out of spite for the drivel spouted by Myerson.

Update: The BBC has now posted the Myerson interview.