Watch out, there’s journalists about!

Apologies for the lack of activity on this site over the past couple of weeks. When not working I’ve been either spending my time cycling and running vast distances in order to fend off the deleterious effects of middle age, or getting thoroughly bladdered and undoing all that good work!

So, if you’re looking for new words on this page, how about a report in the NUJ’s house journal The Journalist about attitudes within the Eurocracy to journalists? I see now that the story was covered by the BBC back in February.

According to a leaked letter addressed to human resources staff at the European Commission:

“The threat of espionage is increasing day by day. A number of countries, information seekers, lobbyists, journalists, private agencies, and other third parties are continuing to seek sensitive and classified information.”

“Information seekers”? There should be a law against that sort of thing.

Asked to comment on the content of the letter, Commission spokesman Valérie Rampi replied:

We are not only pointing the finger at journalists. It could be the pretty trainee with the long legs and blonde hair.”

In sharp contrast to trilby-wearing, notebook-armed trolls with jaundiced looks and greasy locks. You simply cannot trust anyone these days.