A very musical graveyard

A lean, mean cycling machine friend of mine took me yesterday on a 100-km cycling tour from Chislehurst into rural Surrey and back. It was a fine, sunny day, and we had an excellent if for me challenging ride up and down the North Downs in Kent, and the rolling hills of eastern Surrey.

Before we reached Crowhurst, the southern-most point on our afternoon tour, my friend had us stop at St Peter’s church in the village of Limpsfield at the foot of the North Downs. We hadn’t come for any devotional purpose, and in any case the church was locked at the time.

The most distinguishing features of this Norman church are the notables buried in its graveyard…

Grave of Frederick Delius, Limpsfield

What a delight! But of England’s musical greats, it is not only old Frederick Delius who has his resting place in Limpsfield’s ancient parish church…

Grave of Thomas Beecham, Limpsfield

Grave of Norman del Mar, Limpsfield

This was a real cultural feast, but for us the most interesting gravestone was that of one Constance Doreen Jarrett, a wife and mother noted for her kindness…

Grave of Constance Doreen Jarrett, Limpsfield

What value a ‘great’ life when you can have an epitaph such as this?