Why we hate politics (part 99)

You know that something is seriously rotten in British politics when blogger Paul Staines, aka “Guido Fawkes”, is behind the story of the day.

Staines, who writes pompously about himself in the third person, is a bloggertarian (read lumpen Tory) with nothing better to do than spread gossip about UK politics and personalities from his libel haven in Ireland. That’s when he’s not declaring himself bankrupt or being done for drunk driving.

Political gossip can on occasion serve to expose our political leaders and their enforcers for what they are in real life. But mostly it is dull stuff: a form of kremlinology of interest only to the more inadequate members of the activist caste. I find it tedious in the extreme, and have no doubt that many others are switched off politics as a result of this pointless tittle tattle.

Today we learn via our friend “Mr Fawkes” that the already tainted Downing Street spin doctor Damian McBride – a man one could describe as Malcolm Tucker without the nous – sent to New Labour propagandist blogger Derek Draper a number of emails that contain “juvenile and inappropriate” smears against senior Tory politicians.

Well whoop-dee-fucking-doo. These latest revelations do no more than raise by a smidgeon my contempt for New Labour and those who have over the past couple of decades destroyed a once great institution of the British working class. As for Paul Staines, my loathing of this vile creature has risen manifold.