Sunshine and smiles at Rochester Sweeps 2009

Last weekend saw the annual festival of Morris dancing and associated goodness known as Rochester Sweeps. I was there on Saturday afternoon, and also briefly on Sunday following a cycling tour of the Hoo Pensinsula. On the Saturday I had my decent camera with me, and took a few shots of Morris and clog dancers doing their stuff in the Medway town’s main thoroughfare. Click on the images below for slightly higher-resolution versions in separate windows.

Rochester Sweeps 2009 - Kent Korkers Morris Rochester Sweeps 2009 - Phoenix Morris
Rochester Sweeps 2009 - Frog Island Morris Rochester Sweeps 2009 - Black Pig Morris
Rochester Sweeps 2009 - Black Pig Morris Rochester Sweeps 2009 - Unknown clog dancers Rochester Sweeps 2009 - Hunters Moon Morris

The economy may be going to hell in a handbasket, and the government lurching from crisis to crisis, but folk can still laugh and smile, and have a good time. People of England – white, black, thin and fat – Morris dancing is good for you, so seek out your local side and join in the fun!

Update: The camera with which I took these photos – an Olympus E-1 with a 14–54mm f2.8 lens – is for sale. This professional digital SLR is fast becoming a collectors’ item. The E-1 may only have a 5 megapixel sensor, but it gives results that outshine those of the 12MP consumer-level cameras available today. The lens is absolutely fantastic. I’m only selling as I need a more portable camera for carrying around with me on the bike. The Olympus E-1 is a virtuallty indestructible camera, and fully weatherproof.