Dick and the Dogs

Talk about rewarding failure. And I’m not referring to some pin-stripe-suited spiv bringing a listed company to its knees while walking away with a fortune for his troubles.

In this case a senior London police officer – one Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick – is responsible for the termination with extreme prejudice of a Brazilian visa overstayer, and for her troubles is promoted to one of the top jobs in the force: a position which carries a handsome remuneration of £172,000 a year. Nice work if you can get it.

There are many in England’s capital, and no doubt also in the Brazilian town of Gonzaga, who feel that Dick’s reward should have been a swift ejection from New Scotland Yard via a top floor window. Either that or locking up in a police van on the pavement outside the building.

RIP Jean Charles de Menezes (1978–2005)