Englishmen banging sticks together in the autumn

Englishpersons banging sticks together is truly the pinnacle of human evolution, and it don’t get no better than this. Especially on such a glorious early autumn day in Chislehurst, Kent, in the garden of the Bull’s Head public house. The hosts for the afternoon were Blackheath Morris Men, who this weekend have been celebrating their 40th anniversary as a corpulent body of bell jingling and hanky waving folk dancers.

Joining Blackheath Morris today were a number of sides from the southeast of England, including the world famous “Loose women”. Much drink was taken, and I believe that a pig was slaughtered and roasted especially for the occasion.

Sompting Village Morris dancers taking time out (photo: Francis Sedgemore)

Blackheath Morris Men introducing a dance (photo: Francis Sedgemore)

A couple of Loose Women, and others (photo: Francis Sedgemore)

As well as the images above, I captured a couple of minutes of ambient audio.

By my judicious editing I’ve spared you a conversation between two old farts (yours truly and Blackheath Morrisman Richard Sanderson) concerning the resurrection of the Gang of Four. I refer to the hugely talented and now exceedingly wrinkly popular singing group from Leeds, not the band of ultraleftist Chinese mass murderers ousted by the Dengist clique in 1976.