Falling Man – a commemoration of 9/11

Falling Man 9/11, by John Sydney Carter

A sculpture on show at the University of Leicester’s Harold Martin Botanic Garden features a man made from forged steel fused with the fabric of a building. Falling Man 9/11 is John Sydney Carter‘s response to the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, the eighth anniversary of which we mark today.

Said Carter:

“I watched the television on that terrible day and witnessed people throwing themselves from the burning World Trade Tower. At the time all I could think of was the shock and horror of seeing those final moments as people fell to the ground to escape the flames.”

“The image of falling people and the tower collapsing merged into one so that the figures became fragments of the building.”

“In Greek mythology Icarus flew too near to the sun and his wings burnt causing him to fall to his death. Many artists have used the falling Icarus as a subject so there is an analogy to this in my sculpture, Falling Man 9/11.”

Born in Leicester, Carter was educated at the Gateway Technical Grammar School. At the age of 16 Carter was apprenticed as an industrial designer, and attended the Leicester College of Art, where he won the best student award for drawing and painting.

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