Climate denialist big guns to gate-crash Copenhagen

I’ve just received from an American PR firm a press release which announces with fanfare that the loony-right lobby group CFACT is to send a team of “10 climate policy experts” to the Copenhagen Climate Summit, which begins next week in the currently dank and dismal Danish capital.

The style of the press release is classic ‘get-your-retaliation-in-first’, but it also goes into rather a lot of personal detail about the members of the CFACT delegation. So who are the hysterical anti-environmental conservative ideologues sending to Copenhagen? Here’s the list…

  • Steve Milloy – founder of
  • Manuel de Araujois – Mozambican politician and PhD student in Norwich
  • Leighton Steward – retired geologist and oil industry executive
  • Marc Morano – founder of
  • Steve Fielding – Australian Senator and Roman Catholic fundamentalist (more babies!!)
  • Barun Mitra – Indian right-libertarian and thinktank director
  • Christopher Monckton – English chinless wonder with far too much time on his hands
  • Craig Rucker – co-founder of CFACT
  • David Rothbard – co-founder of CFACT, and the world’s “most exciting conservative”
  • Fred Singer – retired engineer and atmospheric physicist

Just one of the 10 CFACTers listed above is competent to speak on climate science, and even then Singer is so out of the loop that it’s difficult to take the man seriously. The others with whom I’m familiar (Milloy, Steward, Morano, Fielding, Monckton, Rucker and Rothbard) are known only as prolific emitters of political hot air. Steward likes to talk science, but then only to insist that carbon dioxide is the most wonderful molecule in existence, and we cannot have enough of the stuff. Monckton is an in-bred twit, good only for his schadenfreudliche entertainment value.

Now I’m quite happy to listen to serious critics of the climate science consensus, but on reading this list my first reaction was to yawn and scratch my balls.

Is this it – the denialists’ grand response to ClimateGate?

Oh sweet Lord preserve us!