No time for arsing about

The Danish press is reporting on criticism from foreign politicians of Denmark’s leadership of the Copenhagen climate summit. Some of the comments have merit, but my impression is that disgruntled and far from blameless world leaders are looking for a whipping boy, and the Danish government is seen as a most suitable candidate.

Today we learn that the Danes have dropped plans to put forward a new draft text for consideration by COP15 delegates. It doesn’t look good at all.

The Danish broadsheet Politiken quotes an anonymous source who illustrates the challenge…

“Vi kæmper som gale og har ikke opgivet, men vi har brug for hjælp fra verdens ledere. Nu må de stoppe fedtspillet. Ellers bliver det meget svært.”

My translation…

“We are fighting like mad and haven’t given up, but we need help from world leaders. Now they must stop arsing about. Otherwise it will be very difficult.”

I stand by my translation of “fedtspillet”. The word is familar to me through personal use.

UK energy secretary Ed Miliband has described the situation as a tragedy and a farce.