In the crisis of global capitalism even Zizek makes sense

I was minded to cap this idle blog post with the above title and a link to a clip of Newsnight‘s residually trottish economics editor Paul Mason being covered with Slavoj Žižek‘s spittle during an interview for The Culture Show, first broadcast yesterday. Be warned that while watching the interview you may find yourself reaching reflexively for the tissues. It’s pretty gross stuff.

Žižek is bonkers. Stark, staring, and certifiable. We all know that, even, or especially, Žižek’s wives. But the popular and dysfunctional Slovenian cultural critic come philosopher and sociologist retains a masochistic entertainment value, despite his holding some objectionable views. How much contrarianism can we cope with? Quite a lot, it would seem.

In the crisis of global capitalism any old crap will make sense. One can understand why Žižek is considered suitable material by broadcast media organisations looking for a tabloid quote, but he’s hardly original, is he? In my view Žižek is on much firmer ground when discussing the semiotics of excretory appliances. Just don’t get him started on the subject of love.