“More memoirs than memory can bring to mind”

They say that political journalism is dying. If so it is going out with a bang, and for this we have to thank Rupert Murdoch’s evil media empire.

Referring to the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war as a “Muppet Show”, Times leader writers lay into UK government ministers and officials past and present, and do so in beautifully measured and cuttingly satirical prose.

“This is a Government that, in retrospect, seems considerably less than the sum of it’s [sic] parts.”

Save for the silly grammatical error this is a masterpiece of editorial writing. It pretty much sums up the vacuity of 21st century British social democracy, though in 10 years we will probably be saying the same about Cameronian Caring Conservatism, such is the intellectual depth of contemporary political culture. We live in interesting times. Oh yes.