Why must we die?

“We are human, we are angel,
We have feet and wish for wings.
We are carbon, we are ether,
We are saints, we are kings.

“Why must we die?”

Unlike Norm I have long been a fan of the music of Canadian folk icons Kate and Anna McGarrigle, having discovered their work during my early teens in the late 1970s. Superb songwriters and performers, were these two sisters, one of whom is sadly no more. Kate McGarrigle died today of cancer, aged just 63.

From Anna McGarrigle on the duo’s website…

“Sadly our sweet Kate had to leave us last night. She departed in a haze of song and love surrounded by family and good friends. She is irreplaceable and we are broken-hearted. Til we meet again dear sister.”

There will be millions more around the world left broken-hearted by today’s news.