America ticks off Europe for Islamophobia

I see that contained in this year’s US State Department report on human rights worldwide is a reference to discrimination against and attacks on Muslims in Europe, the UK included. This is particularly interesting given the reported strength of popular feeling in Europe against US security services’ use of torture on suspected Islamist terrorists.

Specific examples of anti-Muslim activity cited in the State Department report include the recent Swiss ban on the building of minarets, and the rise of Islamophobia in the Netherlands stoked by the demagogic and immaculately coiffured politician Geert Wilders. The UK comes in for criticism for a rising incidence of Islamophobic activity, and also the increasing level of antisemitism.

Noting the American criticism of certain European countries is in no way a defence of Karl Rove (aka “Bush’s Brain” and “Turd Blossom”), who is almost universally regarded as an amoral shit whose words and actions serve only to delegitimise the administration he served.