“I want a Britain that’s fairer, Sarah”

Olly of the Onions has nicely précised yesterday’s final televised debate between the UK’s three presidential contenders: Mr Nicholas Clegg Esq., some airbrushed Tory toff and a dour presbyterian Scot with an almost total lack of people skills.

Given that David Cameron blethered from a script like a right-wing robot, and prime-minister-for-the-next-week-and-a-bit Gordon Brown spent much of the 90 minutes staring at the floor, it was left to the Kraut-loving boy wonder from Buckingham to steal the show.

To paraphrase…

“I want a Britain that’s fairer, Sarah. I have a new plan, Stan, and I won’t be coy, Roy, so get yourself free.”

Onwards to a glorious Liberal and Democratic future! You know it makes sense.