The power of indecision

Gareth Williams recounts an overheard conversation on a London bus this morning between a group of secondary school students, and comments favourably on the teenagers’ well-informed debate and level of political understanding.

This report given by Gareth is indeed encouraging. By way of contrast, the ‘debate’ among establishment politicians is entertaining, but in a perverse kind of way. Listening to the blether of these assembled suits and twinsets, I get the impression they are scared witless by the prospect of a multipolar political reality in Britain following the 6 May general election. Talk of the need for “decisive outcomes” and “strong leadership” is sounding thinner than ever.

May our politicians be blessed with indecision and deep anxiety. Maybe then they will start listening to the people and each other, engage in evidence-based politics, and begin to properly represent the popular will as well as provide strong and effective leadership.

On a similar note, at least one Labour activist gets it.