Gloria in ecstasis

Read on, but only if you have a strong stomach. Standard disclaimers apply…

“The youngest prime minister in nearly 200 years… The events of Tuesday are enough to take your breath away, without the events of the previous five days since the election which nobody won… On the day the last youngest prime minister for nearly 200 years took office, the sun shone and optimism reigned,… [etc., ad nauseam…]”

Here we have BBC political hack Nick Robinson coming in his pants at the announcement of David Cameron’s elevation to the highest executive office of state.

Meanwhile, Labour is said to be gaining new members by the community centre load, disgusted former Liberal Democrat activists among them. That’s not bad for a party which under Gordon Brown’s leadership excelled in two things: political psychopathy and bare-faced mendacity.

Interesting times, but hardly “breathtaking”, as Nick Robinson would have us believe.