Hankies at four o’clock

Yesterday I went on one of my more challenging fixed-wheel cycle rides around the hills of the North Downs. In the middle of the ride I made a scheduled stop in the Surrey-Kent border village of Tatsfield, where I knew that a bunch of Morris and clog dance sides would be appearing mid-afternoon, as part of a tour of pubs organised by Croydon’s world famous Northwood Morris.

Northwood Morris, Tatsfield, Kent, 15 May 2010)
Northwood Morris dancing outside the Old Ship pub in the Surrey village of Tatsfield.

By the time they arrived in a large coach and minibus, the dancers and musicians had been dancing and drinking solidly since nine in the morning, and by the looks of it were still going strong. I stayed in Tatsfield for an hour or thereabouts, and with my phone camera took a few pictures of the dancing, feeding and watering activity of the assembled fauna. I’m afraid I don’t have time to prepare a number of photos for posting here, as I have done for Morris events in years past, but here’s one to being going on with.

As well as Northwood Morris, the teams included Kettle Bridge Clogs from Maidstone, Dacre Morris from Lewisham, Blackheath Morris, and Croydon’s Old Palace Clog.