Of moral swamps and poisonous vapours

An esteemed professor emeritus of political science and blogger of some renown has given a ringing electoral endorsement to Labour, Gordon Brown notwithstanding…

“The Guardian has come out for the Lib-Dems – and the Guardian is now a moral swamp, where poisonous vapours are allowed to circulate freely.”

For someone with such a deep understanding of philosophy, I’m surprised to see Norm come out with this as a reason for not voting Liberal Democrat in the forthcoming general election. Now don’t get me wrong; in no way am I explicitly endorsing Nick Clegg or his old-as-the-hills establishment party, but I do react negatively to this kind of logically fallacious, and in essence tribalistic justification for voting Labour.

If the Guardian is a moral swamp, then that is the state of the British left-liberal petite-bourgeoisie which the paper consistently represents. I’m quite prepared to believe that. In fact I would go as far as to say that the UK as a whole is a moral and political cesspit, and the common people are as much to blame for this as their parliamentary and local government representatives.

Workers of the world – you have been well and truly suckered. Karl Marx famously talked of false consciousness, and he was right. Whatever your views on marxism as a political ideology – and mine are none too complimentary – we forget this particular lesson at our peril.

But hey, Happy Mayday!