Spineless Brits choose chinless wonders

I went into this with low expectations, but even these were dashed by the reality of a parliamentary election in which the British people displayed a characteristic loss of nerve.

As I said on Wednesday,…

“I have every confidence that the people of Britain will following this general election get the government they deserve. And it will at best be mediocre.”

Whatever the outcome of negotiations between Mssrs Brown, Clegg and Cameron, I cannot imagine the resulting government being anything other than mediocre.

Yesterday was a bad day for science in parliament, what with the loss of Evan Harris as MP for Oxford West and Abingdon. Ditto Lembit Öpik, tit though he is, in Maldwyn. Other, more high profile scalps were most welcome.

What I didn’t expect was an overall fall in the number of Liberal-Democrat seats. Despite that hugely disappointing result for the Lib-Dems, I hope the party sticks with the approach taken by its current leadership, and has sufficient nerve to bring down any Labour or Tory government which fails to deliver on fundamental constitutional change. My own preference would be for a Brown-free Labour-Liberal coalition, with the Liberals insisting on a referendum for a switch to the Single Transferrable Vote form of proportional representation in both Westminster and local council elections. Then we hold another general election, before the end of the year.

Congratulations to Caroline Lucas on her election as the UK’s first Green MP. But Dr Lucas, will you please show some leadership, and build a party coalition that can reverse the Englishandwelsh Greens’ slide into ecofascism and antisemitism. And, while you’re at it, speak up in parliament for science, stop being the Little-Green-Englander, and study closely the successes and failures of your colleagues elsewhere in Europe.