Lladdfa yng Nghymru (Save Mr Brock!)

Not content with dressing up in bedsheets and ritually sacrificing maidens on altars formed from occasional tables purchased in handy kit form from Ikea in Grangetown (and for a tidy price!), the lumpen wing of the Cardiff Crachach – aka the Bastard Welsh Government, or Running Dogs of Cumreedom – is now planning a mass slaughter of badgers in the south west of the country.

When it can be bothered to extract its oily tongue from the collective arse of the English overlords, the Welsh ruling class claims, ignoring considerable scientific evidence, that the nocturnal, snouty-nosed rummagers are to blame for all of Wales’ many ills: health, environmental, economic, social and moral. And the government will brook no opposition to its genocidal intent.

Twll tin i’r Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru!

Ffransis ab Ioan, Cymru Rouge