“Vote for me, I’m an uncultured git!”

In his failing efforts to become the next leader of the British Labour Party, Gordon Brown’s former sidekick Ed Balls foolishly plays the class card

“We’re not all the same. I didn’t grow up in North London. I don’t come from an intellectual Labour family and neither does Andy Burnham. My grandfather was a driver for the gas company. I first went abroad when I was 18, and first got on a plane when I was 21.”

Mr Balls’ father Michael may not be a Labour bigwig, but he is a professor emeritus of biology at the University of Nottingham. And it’s perhaps worth pointing out that little Balls attended a fee-paying school in the East Midlands city. A day school, mind you, so at least he wasn’t buggered senseless in a dormitory before ‘going up’ to Keble College Oxford.

Hat tip: Gordon MacMillan