Singularly narcissistic

To those that have, nothing is enough.

Forget the enlightenment and rationality, it’s not wealth, political power and cultural hegemony that turns on the captains of high-tech industry, but rather age-old myths such as the Fountain of Youth, and the quasi-religious concept of ‘human transcendence’.

“Ultimately, the entire universe will become saturated with our intelligence. This is the destiny of the universe.”

Bestselling futurologist Ray Kurzweil believes that by the 2030s, the world’s smartest, most resourceful people – aka the new Master Race – will achieve virtual immortality by “backing up their brains”. Immortality, eh? Kurzweil has obviously never had a hard drive or flash disk fail on him. In the real world, there is no shortage of bad sectors.

As far as I’m concerned, Kurzweil and the selfish, narcissistic über-humans of Silicon Valley can shove their technological dystopia where the sun never shines. This example of biological wetware is entirely comfortable with his own mortality.