Denying the truth

Why do some people re-write history, and deny the impeccably documented truths of the Holocaust and various other genocides? This question, which is touched upon regularly by those of us on the left who are exasperated and dumbfounded by erstwhile comrades’ failure to call a spade a spade, is the topic of a two-day workshop beginning tomorrow at the University of Leicester.

According to Olaf Jensen, an historian at the Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust Studies:

“Holocaust and genocide denial are phenomena whose consequences reach far beyond the expression of individual opinions. The views of David Irving, Nick Griffin or Bishop Richard Williamson tend to reach audiences that benefit from denialist arguments for specific political purposes, and the consequences of denialism are not confined to the immediate discourse.”

That is a rather eloquent way of saying the shit sticks!

I’ve asked the conference organisers to provide me with a copy of any conference proceedings. Watch this space.