Sun journalist makes joke about roadside bombs

Scene: the Any Questions studio, somewhere in BBC Radioland…

In reply to a comment from Labour parliamentarian Chris Bryant, who charged the Murdoch-owned press with hypocrisy for defending cuts in the defence budget despite complaining vociferously that the previous Labour government had denied essential kit to British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sun newspaper columnist Trevor Kavanagh said:

“Your government didn’t help by leaving a load of roadside bombs, waiting for the Tories to step into office and explode under their feet.” [~26 minutes in]

Now Kavanagh is an example of what is known in the journalistic trade as a cunt. There are a fair few of these in the media, so one shouldn’t be too shocked at Kavanagh’s words. However, there is something particularly sickening about this attempt at humour.

In my view Kavanagh deserves a good kicking from returning members of the British Army – i.e., the men and women who on a daily basis face and fall to real roadside bombs. But failing that Rupert Murdoch should sack the odious hack and apologise to the troops.