Silly money politics

Actually, I have little to say about the US midterm elections, which didn’t turn out as bad for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party as had been feared. In a nation of coffee addicts, the Tea Party’s results didn’t match the hype of either the movement itself or the media.

What is troubling is the greatly increased power of veteran pork-barrelists such as the new House majority leader John Boehner, who with his colleagues has vowed to roll back President Obama’s radical reform of the medically superb but financially absurd healthcare system. They also pose a serious threat to climate change and other environmental legislation. However, given the numbers of bums on Congressional seats, I doubt that these corporate lackies/anti-individual conservatives can turn Obama into a lame duck.

What cheered me up about the election result is the failure of billionaire businesswoman Meg Whitman to take the governorship of California. This despite putting $160 million of her own money (which was milked from the likes of me and other eBay members – in my case former eBay members) into the campaign funding pot.

So what comes next: FaceBook wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg or the acid-headed Apple core Steve Jobs announce that they will run for President? Given the weirdness of American politics, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. After all, it’s only money, and some people have no shortage of it.