It’s perilous, innit?

Despite complaints aplenty from members of the public who care about the English language, media organisations in Britain continue to abuse the majority tongue by permitting its reporters to refer to snowy and icy weather conditions as “treacherous”. That is akin to saying “This weather will stab you in the back as soon as look at you!”. Or possibly “Et tu, glacies?”.

Now I’m quite happy to accept often radical changes of meaning through the social evolution of language, but, when discussing perilous weather, the misuse of a word that relates to betrayal cannot pass without critical comment from me. Britain’s state broadcaster, for example, cannot excuse itself by saying that the BBC merely reflects common usage in language. If that were so, why do we not have correspondents suffixing their on-air statements with “innit”?

The country’s going to the dogs, and I blame the Tories. Bloody philistines.