Julian Assange is just this guy

Russian journalist Yulia Latynina has a professional and political pedigree that demands respect, but the translated sections of her article on “Julian the Almighty” quoted by the esteemed Elder of Zion Snoopy the Goon do not in my view present the author in a particularly good light. I only wish that my comprehension of the Russian language were better than rudimentary, and I could thus read Latynina’s piece in full.

While the recent outpouring of Wikileaks do not confirm the Chomskyite prejudices and conspiracy theories of the lumpen left, they do reveal details of the very human and deeply flawed characters of those who manage our dysfunctional nation-states, whether we live in the liberal democratic west, autocratic Russia or wherever. To that end Wikileaks performs a valuable public service in defence of the open society, even if it does occasionally make mistakes.

In addition to the bucketloads of trivia and sensation that continue to fill the pages of our newspapers, and take up inordinate amounts of airtime on television and radio current affairs programmes, there have been substantial releases of information on military cock-ups and political incompetence with tragic consequences for civilians and armed service personnel alike. Wikileaks is not all bears, woods, popes and catholics stuff, however much Yulia Latynina and others find it convenient to portray it as such.

Whatever one thinks about Julian Assange – and my opinion of the man has never been high – Wikileaks is not Assange’s personal vanity project. It is unfortunate that many in the media focus unduly on this one individual, and mistakenly label him as the organisation’s founder. He is not, and Wikileakers are legion. Julian Assange is just this guy, and, it would appear, a bit of a nob.

If Wikileaks goes down as a result of state action, it will likely be back in short order. Preferably under new management, or at least with the old management minus the foppish, itinerant prima donna with whom the politicians and commentariat are currently obsessed.