Sacrificing The One

There’s bloodthirsty hysteria across the Pond, and tub-thumping rhetoric in Britain’s supposedly ‘decent-left’ blogosphere. All over an egomaniacal white-haired if not white-catted journalist and hacker come real-world Neo who thinks of himself as the saviour of open government and civil society, and defender of the people against the dark forces of a conspiratorial state. A man whose incarceration in Wandsworth prison, Stockholm or wherever will not spell the end for Wikileaks, let alone the sons and daughters of Wikileaks, about which we should soon hear more.

“String him up!”, cry the enemies of Wikileaks and defenders of Big Government, of whatever political hue. “Cut off the traitor’s goolies!”.

The Dude doesn’t go quite that far, despite the best efforts of his Slate subeditor, but Christopher Hitchens’ latest offering for the often rumbustious online magazine has many of his supporters scratching their heads in confusion and bewilderment.

Is this some form of mass psychosis at work in a politically neurotic world? Never mind the flawed character that is Julian Assange, Elric of Melbourne or whatever you want to call the autocratic and unaccountable Wikileaks supremo. If the Son of God himself were to return to Earth tomorrow, I’d give him no more than a week before he’s nailed to a tree for a second time.