“I’m busy, there are two wars I have to end”

I headline this post with the words of the living but soon-to-be crucified saint Julian of Melbourne, as reported by his former Wikileaks colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg in a forthcoming book. This comes from a long and juicy article by Sarah Ellison that has appeared today, courtesy of Vanity Fair, in which the author details the Wikileaks saga to date, focusing on the whistleblowing body’s strained relationship with the ‘mainstream media’, the Guardian included. A fascinating read it is too, apart from a few minor innacuracies in the history of Britain’s mighty liberal-left organ.

Freelance journalist Heather Brooke, otherwise known as Michael Martin’s Nemesis, whose independent leaking of the US diplomatic cables archive to the Guardian initiated the collapse of Wikileaks and its editor-in-chief-who-doesn’t-believe-in-editing Julian Assange, promises more in a similar vein. Exciting stuff!