Vive la révolution du jasmin!

Francis Sedgemore, Saturday 15 January 2011 at 13:19 UTC

Révolution du jasmin
The photo says it all, really.

And, for those of us with little knowledge of Berber-Arab politics and culture, this article by a western political pundit is quite illuminating.

The irony is that the lack of a strong Islamist faction within Tunisia is at least in part down to the policies of the Arab nationalist dictatorship now disintegrating before our eyes. It’s a funny old world. The problem is, though, with the secular fascists exeunt stage right – or, in the case of the deposed president, stage Saudi-Arabique – who will keep the godbotherers in check once they return from exile and emerge from the domestic woodwork? I wish I could share Comrade Glavin’s optimism. Hopefully, the Tunisian democrats will learn from the experience of Iran.

Long live the people of Tunisia!