Hosni Mubarak is a murderer and a thief

Call me bloody minded, but I cannot be doing with all this diplomatic talk of Hosni Mubarak, the great Egyptian patriot, having listened to the voice of his people, and resigned from office with dignity. Mubarak was overthrown in a popular revolution, and skulks away, tail between legs.

Hosni Mubarak is a psychopathic murderer and a kleptocrat, who for several decades, with the support of businessmen and politicians the world over, kept his country in a permanent state of emergency, and dipped his and his family’s fingers in the till at every opportunity. The Gnomes of Zürich may have today frozen Mubarak’s Swiss-held assets, but we can be sure that the dethroned modern pharaoh has a few billions stashed elsewhere.

The deposed dictator Mubarak should now be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. Will it happen? Don’t count on it. There are many powerful people around the globe who will see to it that their old friend’s retirement is spent quietly in pastures green, artificially irrigated if needs be, with a degree of comfort about the people of Egypt can only dream.

“Mubarak you are nothing,
you are heartless,
without mind,
just youkel,
fuck off.”

Mohammed Abdul Ghedi – lifeguard from Sharm el-Sheikh