Julian Assange has left the building

In the latest issue of Private Eye magazine, editor Ian Hislop recounts a bizarre phone conversation with the Blessed Julian of Melbourne. During their amiable chat, the possibly soon-to-be-deported celebrity leaker accused Private Eye of being part of an international Jewish conspiracy against Wikileaks, on the grounds that the satirical organ, together with such notorious Zionist publications as The Guardian and Index on Censorship, had taken an interest in the activities of Wikileaks’ Russian and eastern European correspondent, a fascist creep sometimes known as “Israel Shamir”.

Hislop reports that, during their phone conversation, Assange made unsubstantiated and irrelevant claims about the ethno-tribal allegiance of Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger and Index hack John Kampfner, only to cave in when when presented with the facts. It appears that Assange also has it in for Guardian investigative journalist Nick Davies, whom he accused of leaking police material about the ongoing Swedish sexual assault case.

Given the nature of the allegations, one has to trust that Hislop’s recollection is substantially correct. After all, the veteran Private Eye journalist has considerable experience with libel suits, and he is an intelligent chap. If, on the other hand, Hislop is telling porkies and engaging in “yellow journalism”, why do Assange and his defenders not hold their tongues and have learned friends deal with the matter, instead of ranting on the telephone and twittering away desperately on the Interwebs? Wikileaks could surely do with the cash.