Prince Andrew – a gift to the republican cause

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow (him indoors to the fruity twittering wit Sally Bercow) may not approve, but outside his degenerate institution many are asking the most disrespectful questions about the fourth in line to the English throne.

Take the campaign group Republic, for example, which has written to the government agency UK Trade & Investment, to complain about the behaviour of Prince Andrew, Britain’s dysfunctional and ungentlemanly trade ambassador. Republic’s missive details a number of disturbing allegations concerning the roving royal, and among other matters questions his involvement with the Gaddafi regime in Libya, and friendship with a convicted paedophile.

My heart it did leap with joy when I read the Republic letter. I was already familiar with the allegations contained therein, but it cheered me immensely to have them laid out in this fashion. Prince Andrew really is a nasty little scrote, and the more he carries on so, the closer we come to getting shot of him and his horrid family. If Britain’s senior Arabist diplomats are unhappy with the man, you can be sure that the writing is on the wall.

Off with their heads!