Citizens not subjects (republicans party!)

I’m just back from the Not the Royal Wedding republican street party in Red Lion Square, located in central London’s well-heeled Bloomsbury district. Organised by the pro-democracy campaign group Republic, this lively but laid-back event, complete with sound system, Dixieland jazz band and stalls, and about as many journalists as punters, filled the square. There were several hundred partygoers, many of whom signed a giant card to wish Wills and Kate a happy life together (but that’s as far as it goes). A very smiley happy affair, entirely in keeping with the celebratory nature of the day.

Many thanks to Republic for persevering with this project, in the face of opposition from petty bureaucrats and royalists for whom free speech and dissent are treasonable offences.

Anyways, a few snaps…

Not the Royal Wedding republican street party, London, 29 April 2011 - dancing 

Lots of dancing and general merriment, with not a mock guillotine in sight.

Not the Royal Wedding republican street party, London, 29 April 2011 - spot the celebrity anarchist (photo: Francis Sedgemore) 

Can you spot celebrity anarchist Ian Bone in the above picture? No doubt he is a little embarrassed not to have been collared by the police and detained for the day. One up there for Chris Knight in the competitive sport of professional political troublemaking.


Can you spot celebrity newsreader Jon Snow above? Mr Snow’s tie was uncharacteristically sober on this occasion, but the Channel 4 anchorman got into the spirit of the occasion, bopping away to the sound system, with a microphone in one hand and a bicycle helmet in the other. Snow the journalist was the centre of attention for a while, with a number of young and not-so-young ladies posing for pictures with the great man, with an arm around his waist.