Police to gag republicans on royal wedding day

A quote from Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Christine Jones, heard out of the corner of my ear this afternoon on BBC Radio 4

"There are 364 other days of the year when people can come to London and demonstrate, and frankly it’s not appropriate on the day of the royal wedding for people to come to London with that intent."

Let me get this straight. First we have judges making privacy laws through the legal precedent of granting super- and hyper-injunctions to protect the privacy of well-connected celebrities such as legovering BBC journalist Andrew Marr, and even our wobbly prime minister complains that this is going a little far. Now we have senior filth declaring that on the day of the nauseating spectacle of Wills and Kate’s wedding, there shall be permitted no public expressions of anti-royal sentiment on the streets of the capital.

Well that’s definitely not cricket, and those nice middle-class professionals in Republic are more than a little miffed with Commander Jones’ statement.

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