Chinwagging toucans, and other studies in motion

From where does visual artistic ability spring? It must ultimately be in the eye of the artist, in how he or she perceives the world both within and without the imagination. And it is surely also in the nurturing of talent by those around the artist, whether they be parents, teachers or whatever.

Bo Strøm is the 10-year-old son of my friend Kellie Strøm, a cartoonist and illustrator based in London. Proud father that he is, Kellie has on occasion posted Bo’s pictures on his blog, and they never fail to grab my attention. Take, for example, these chinwagging toucans, republished here with the kind permission of young Bo…

"Hello Bill", by Bo Strøm
“Hello Bill”, by Bo Strøm

See also Bo’s pictures of an ocelot and a bull dart frog.

Bo has an eye for anatomical form, and especially in conveying a sense of movement in static images. Bo’s creatures really are alive in these pictures, whether they be interacting, in the case of the toucans, or balancing finely on tree branches, as with the ocelot and frog.

I’ve said to Kellie that he has a lot to answer for in nurturing his son’s creative talent. Bo has all the makings of an artist, and that is a terrible fate indeed.